'The Hindu Crossword Online' is a web application designed to allow users to interactively solve cryptic crosswords published in the Indian daily newspaper The Hindu. The application essentially parses the crossword grid and clues from the newspaper website and serves it in an interactive grid. Although there are mobile applications (THC-Android, THC-iPhone) that do the same, I find solving crosswords online to be very convenient. To the best of my knowledge (and Google's), there is currently no other application that allows this without the need for creating an account.

I hope that enthusiasts of 'The Hindu Crossword', many of whom have no access to the physical newspaper, find this application useful for getting their daily cryptic fix. This application is in beta stage and a lot more work remains to be done in making it robust. Specifically, some crosswords in the archive are not correctly parsed, and tools for checking and saving partial answers are yet to be provided. Any feedback will be extremely useful--so do spread the word, and email comments/bug reports/feature requests to .


The answer links redirect to the 'The Hindu Crossword Corner' blog, whose members do a wonderful job of posting answers, complete with annotations on a daily basis. I would also like to thank Jesse Weisbeck for open-sourcing his javascript crossword UI, on which the front end is based.